About Me


I was born in Bulgaria and immigrated to Israel at the age of adulthood.  I first started out as a high-tech electrical engineer and later studied for my MBA. The turning point in my life came in 2008, when I was exposed to the treatment method of "Journey". This unique method of this treatment left a deep impression on me and I decided to explore the subject. I was amazed by the power of the method and felt that my path in life is changing. While studying the method, I treated family members and friends. The reviews/feedbacks were enthusiastic and encouraged me to continue to specialize in healing.

Today, apart from being a Journey method therapist, I combine other treatments such as Reiki, Hoʻoponopono and Crystals. As a multidisciplinary therapist, I am amazed to discover time and again the power of the Journey and the unique way in which it offers holistic treatments for healing and empowerment.



My Belief


Every man regardless of religion, race, age, gender, education, political belonging and set of beliefs has the ability to connect with their inner self and achieve happiness, health and prosperity. It is my belief that we all are connected to the Universal Wisdom as part of the creation process that we all are part of the source. The Divine Spark in all of us strives for prosperity and success as it is our birth right. To make a difference in our lives we need to connect to our inner self and release the negative events we had experienced in the past. These past negative events block our ability to connect to our true self and affect our health and behaviors.

For the healing session to be successful the facilitator (the therapist) and the patient together need to go through a series of steps and create a process where the patient is guided (facilitated) to let go of the emotional attachments to the particular negative emotions in the past, and thus enable the patient to best understand their needs through the wisdom of their own body. The whole process is led and mentored by the therapist, in an atmosphere of dignity and freedom of choice.

I truly believe that every person chooses their life path and who is going to be their companion on that path. It is crucial that the chosen therapist in the role of chosen companion allows the patient to experience and realize their own power and ability to reach personal growth and realization, and helps the patient find their own tool for self empowerment and wellbeing. Our choices affect our lives and those around us, so it is very important to make sure that we make the choices that come from our deep inner self, from our intuition that will bring in love and success in the treatment process.