The Journey Healing Method

In this method, the therapist is a mediator and facilitator for the patient; this is the essence of the treatment.  If you want to raise your inner awareness and you are brave enough to discover the truth, let's begin a new life path. The change is in your hands. For more information click down.

Crystal Therapy


Crystals are energy structures who have taken certain form here on Earth. Among many other things Crystals can be used to bring harmony, balance and healing to the human body. For more information click down.


Reiki Therapy Method


Reiki is a healing technique administered by “laying hands” as a form of complementary therapy where the “life force energy” that runs through us is transferred or given out by the therapist to the patient in the form of ‘chi’ thus promoting healing and wellbeing of the treated patient. For more information click down.


Ho'oponopono Therapy Method


Ho'oponopono is an ancient healing method that aims to resolve and erase conflicts, blockages and negative memories. For more information click down.