Crystalline crystals formed on Earth millions of years ago are not just gems, in fact, they are energetic structures that should be used for the benefit of the humanity. The truth is that they have always been used throughout the history in various cultures. In Judaism we know the 12 stones of the breastplate. Crystals are powerful stone-structures with healing properties. Integrating crystals with different other treatments helps to increases their intensity and leads to better healing results.


Reiki is a universal energy healing method that is transferred and administered by “laying hands” contact.  The origin of the word comes from two Japanese characters: "Rei" means spirit, divine consciousness and "Ki" which is the Japanese pronunciation of the word "Chi" meaning vital energy directed by divine consciousness.

The treatment is conducted by the therapist by placing his/her hands on the patient's body or slightly above, so that the "Reiki energy from the universe" can flow through the therapist to the patient.

Reiki holds the energy of life and has healing powers; it penetrates deep into the patient and cures fundamental problems.

Reiki is a holistic method, that treats not only existing symptoms but also improves the condition of the patient on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual.


Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. According to that method everything that exists in our lives and in the world around us exists because it is part of us. The Ho’oponopono aims to release and resolve problems, blockages and negative memories. Through a process of cleansing, forgiveness and transformation this practice returns the balance and the inner peace and tranquility of the patient. The definition of the word derives from Kahuna tribal tradition in Hawaii, and means "do it right, correct the error" to restore divine order.

  According to this method, everything that appears in our levies is a result of the constant stream of repetitive thoughts and memories that dwell in our mind. The reality we live in is a collective of these thoughts and memories embedded in our subconscious that dictate our behavior without our conscious choice or connection to our inner self and our true desires. Our thoughts and memories create our beliefs and affect our decisions and achievements in our life. 

Ho’oponopono takes us back into the void from where inspiration can arise so that something new and amended could grow. Ho’oponopono operates through cleansing words and phrases expressing understanding and forgiveness. One of these cleansing tools is the phrase: “Thank you.”

We need to believe that everything that happens in our life is a blessing, and when we say thank you, we do not say it hoping that the problem would pass, but because we want to live in peace with ourselves and take responsibility for what happens to us as we are the creators and co-creators of our reality. The special thing about this method is that it is very easy to implement and it is suitable for any person. No permanent connection with any spiritual guru or teacher is needed for this method to be practiced.

Ho'oponopono teaches that all answers are within us, and it is in our power and ability to connect to them.