The Journey


The Journey method treats physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. Its goal is to assist us in discovering our inner Divine Consciousness.  Through the process of changing negative behavior patterns that have accumulated over the years, The Journey could cure ailments and diseases and clean our body cells of negative memories.

This method is considered one of the most powerful techniques for mental, physical healing and releasing of inner blockages, and also for being individually tailored to the needs of the patient. The Journey helps patients release their fears and concerns, and assists them in dealing with addictions, diseases, feelings of missed opportunities, and lack of sense of self-realization.     

The Journey is a process in which by looking inward to our personal memories and emotions that accompany us throughout our lives, we learn to forgive and release blockages while allowing the body to use its natural healing ability to overcome issues and fully recover.

The process of this method releases our unconscious limited beliefs and allows us to adopt new ones and get insights about how to bring in our life more happiness and joy.

The journey method was developed by Brandon Bays, a teacher of higher awareness and holistic healing. Following a journey to discover her inner self, Bays managed to overcome cancer that developed in her body without surgery, medication or any other medical interventions. Going through the healing process herself and the desire to help other people discover their potentials to heal themselves too, led her ​​to develop the method of "The Journey ". 

There are different therapies: emotional, physical, abundance, life purpose, beliefs change, phobias and pain removal, children (6-14), process for people with communication difficulties and infants (performed through the patient's subconscious) and more. For more information call or mail.  

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